Giving & sharing

Merry Christmas folks🎄🎁

Had a little gathering with great company & fellowship with great meals too.  It’s a time well spent with loves and sharing.



year ending ..

Year ending soon?!.. whee.. time zoom and not just flies these days ((-.-))

So a couple more days before 2015 leaves me i kick start doodling here today or perhaps i would just leave a little trail of memory of 2015 [frankly, i haven’t been active on blogging or admittedly am just lazy 😦 ]

Arh well, please motivate me to keep scribbling if not for daily musing ..

Saw a interesting picture quotes and here it is to share and save as reminder to self ((~.*))

beautiful-life-quotes-and-sayings-149Have a great weekend folks ..


Another year..another emotion..

The usual saying of “at a twink of eye another year gone by … … ” (etc..etc..)
As for me and as for this moment i would just continue … with my emotions. The same missing, love, thoughts, of mummy is still fresh even though is almost coming to 3 years that she has left.

Many told me that becoz we have been too closely knit + no other siblings around to distract and pull me away from the lost. Is it true? or how true is that? Never mind about it, am all fine and well, am glad I could still remember her ya..that show i have good sound

Bought a nice little bouquet of flowers and came over to the chapel to replace the old ones and spend some time “chatting” with mummy ..wishing her blessed valentine and the coming Chinese New Year (CNY). “Inform” her that I would go for a staycation at her favorite Resort.


missed u much mum 😥❤️

Life simple joy

Joy is a matter of contentment. Joy need not be lavish, Joy is not too far & difficult to find i. e. in my instant is simply trying out cooking a meal that is even just only for myself (^.)

My successful minced meat together with century egg porridge. .yummz


It’s yummlicious. .arh..well at least it’s lot cheaper then what I get from restaurant; even food court.

But honestly on a serious note, some how the enjoyment through the process is simply joy.  Joy of cooking; joy of the  preparation and there is joy of even eating alone ..

So even alone you don’t have to be lonely ♡♡

Love .. Valentine .. Life

So today is 14th February marks Valentine day?!  The florist at our office building was so busy .. gosh.. they had those bouquets lined up all ready for delivery and collections.. see

1920633_10201983958853776_117816869_nFlowers are surely beautiful, but not the price for this special day though.  SG$250/- per dozen of roses.  A penny for your thought.

Well, anyway Today is also the 15th day of the Chinese lunar first month of the “Horse” year.  And once in a while; like today, it coincides with Valentine’s Day ~ so they double up that it is “Double Happiness”, Auspicious Day.

Of course,  many couples choose today to “tie” their wedding knots.  My many congrats and wishes to them with abundant blissful loves.

For singles, lone rangers.. don’t be dismay.. coz you may be alone; but rest assure you are not lonely.  Look around, there are so many beautiful people, places, hobbies, landscape; the list goes on .. Slow down, perhaps stop, and take a good deep breath in .. Loves is just there, being you, yourself, healthy, simply happy, joyous.. 🙂

So cheers, lets’ sip in our cuppa; wine ..



Live and be joyous

So is here, final count-down to ushering into the “Horse” year of the Chinese zodiac.

The norm Chinese Lunar New Year Eve .. will bring mum to Rasa Sentosa Resort, kick-start with our “two-some” reunion dinner and stay through till at least 3rd if not 4th day of the New Year before we head back home sweet home.  Mummy loves the resort very much not only because of the tranquil ambiance, but the warmth welcome, attentive and friendly services given from them.  Our quietly, lovely, together time is only but in memory that i could keep now.  Surely knowing she is in a better place free from all aches & pain, is indeed a relief though frankly i am still in “healing” mode not having her around.. Mummy i really miss you!

I gave it amiss last year since mum RIP.  Am returning this year for a little R&R with good company of 2 church sisters.  Honestly, i do not know how my “emo” would react .. i still need to overcome.  Hopefully would have some snap shot to upload.

Life goes on; live and be joyous!  Here’s Wishing ALL a Joyous, Healthy & Blessed Lunar New Year!